Fight Virus with Visors

Right now the NHS and the Health care Sector are suffering from a severe shortage of protective equipment for its staff. All around the world medical staff and health organizations are reaching out for the help of Makers to help with the current shortage.

As this pandemic continues so shall the shortage worsen. Luckily 3D printable designs for Full face visors have been created and made publicly available. Therefore this gives us a chance to help our NHS where otherwise we would be powerless to do so.

Our NHS staff are tirelessly and selflessly working to keep us healthy. I feel we have an obligation to do the same for them.

So far due to the incredible generosity of the public, we have raised over £4500 via a Facebook Fundraiser which allowed us to created and sent out over 3000 Visors to NHS and Health Care Staff around the UK. We are approaching the government to see if we may secure grants or other funding to continue the production for the duration of this crisis.

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