Moving forward with PPE

We have been moved and humbled by the support that we received in providing over 6000 3D printed Visors to those that need them during this crisis. However, we have run out of the funds that we raised to offer these for free.

The demand for this critical PPE is still very much present and we are working on many alternative avenues of funding to continue to offer them to those that need them most.

We are now offering these for sale to cover the costs of production. For every Visor purchased through our site, a visor will also be offered to NHS and Health Care Workers around the UK.

With restrictions being lifted across the UK the demand is coming from an increasing variety of places. We have had inquiries from schools, Nurseries, Shops, Barbers and Hairdressers, Tattoo parlors, Banks, Vulnerable individuals, and many more.

We are trying to keep up with the demand as best we can.

We are also looking to better serve our community by recycling plastic into PPE. We will be making the move to recycling and Injection Molding PPE as soon as we receive the funding to do so.

To conclude we are still very much together in this crisis and will prevail as a community.

Stay Safe.

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